Activities and projects’ experience


The project „Strengthening Capacity of the Foundation for the School Support in Latgale "Veronika" (September, 2007 – August, 2008).

Source: EEZ and Norway financial instrument 2004-2009.

 Main activities:

- optimization of the Found activities and capacity strengthening;

- improving of school children and teachers’ social conditions;

- development of social service „Rehabilitation of children with special needs”.


The project „Free Lunches to Pupils from Low Income Families in Latgale” (2007 - 2013).

Source: charity portal, private donations.

Within the Project 575 children regularly received free lunches at school in 2007, and 271 children - in 2008. Till year 2013 nearly 1100 children have got this kind of support.


The project „School Bag” (2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012).

The project aim is to give financial support to the low income families with the first grade pupils in obtaining all necessary school supplies to fill the school bag. The Project is organized by charity portal Within this project  Foundation “Veronika” covers schools in Latgale region. During these years 1139 little children  have been helped to start their first schoolyear.


The project „Teachers’ Annual Award” (2007- 2009).

The best teachers in Latgale region had possibility to receive award for professional achievements.


The project „Journalism for Humaneness” (2008 - 2013).

The competition for journalists for professional work on the theme of humaneness.

The Project is carried out in partnership with the Latvian Union of Journalists.


The project „Grants for Students from Low Income Families” (2009, 2010, 2011).
Source: Rietumu bankas Labdarības fonds ( Charity Foundation of Bank Rietumu )

Grants were provided to the holders of the best school-leaving certificates from Latgale for studying in the higher educational establishments.


Foundation regularly curries out charity activities and collaborates with schools and local municipalities in Latgale region. Foundation promotes collaboration of local NGOs and promotes dialogue between NGOs and public administration. The discussion on free lunches at schools, encouraged by the Foundation, resulted in state financed free lunches for all the 1st class schoolchildren in Latvia